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We provide services in the areas of flow assurance project management as well as flow assurance technical work (i.e. running steady state and transient simulations) for Independent and Major Oil and Gas Companies. Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in subsea projects and in the use of commercially available multiphase flow simulators. We have experience with:

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Flow Assurance Analyst

We offer high quality technical support to flow assurance technical leads and projects, where we can partner to assist our clients performing multiphase transient and steady-state flow simulations using commercially available flow assurance software.

Flow Assurance Lead

We manage the flow assurance scope of work as well as the interfaces (subsea, umbilical, flowlines and risers, etc.), we work together with other engineers in the successful delivery of a subsea project (new platform, subsea tie-back, green or brown fields).

Our flow assurance engineers can assist your project teams acting as:

  • Drafting of Flow Assurance strategies and performing the technical work required to do so.
  • Steady state and transient analysis of wells, jumpers, flowlines and risers (initial start-up and shut down simulations, cooldown analysis, pressure and temperature predictions, shut-in pressure estimations, CO2 corrosion rate calculations, etc.) throughout the life of the field.
  • Operating envelope definition to avoid wax, hydrates, sand deposition, gel, slugging, asphaltene and erosion so that production can be guaranteed through the life of the field.    
  • EoS and PVT modeling.